your guide on the way

to your perfume

My name is Irena and I have been interested in perfumes, perfumery and sensory perception for almost twenty years.

I am a graduate of the first online course at ISIPCA, the Institute of Perfumery in Versailles, France, and for more than a decade I have been associated with international interest communities dedicated to fragrances (Sociétés des Amis de l’Osmothèque, Au parfum, Fragrantica).

As a result of my previous career path in linguistics and executive search, I perceive perfumes as a specific means of expression in a global system of communication and a tool of personal development. I make perfumes comprehensible to the public through the theory of translation and personality psychology.

about synestesis

Synestesis is a consultancy project that creates a bridge between the world of perfumery and the world of personality. In the narrow sense of the word, its purpose is to understand expectations of an individual and help them find a perfume which will be an authentic means of their aesthetic expression. In a wider sense, Synestesis strives to cultivate awareness about perfumery, sensory perception and cognition in general. I believe that the future of perfumery - making the most of its creative potential and innovation - lies in its connection with the individual, not with the masses. Synestesis ultimately connects the perfume industry with the need of an individual so that this art reaches its recipients and hands them over all its richness.

my philosophy

I believe that perfume is a form of art and it has its own character just as a human being.


I believe that the power of personality lies in authenticity, and when the character of a person resonates with the character of a perfume, something magical is about to happen.

I believe that good things need to mature and giving time and space to senses makes sense.


I believe that a human being understands another human being best and empathy creates the truest connection.

I believe that real transformations are set in motion by emotions.


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